Germans are not faithful-why is that?!

All Germans wanna die-why ?!

I am the only one wanna live ?!

That not- fighting -Thing isnt hard for me to understand-for I love fighting for my freedom and for the health of my children.

Saying oh we all shall die isnt much my Cup of tea-certainly not !

So you losers out there – talk ! Explain yourself for giving up-or I become yopur worst enemie -no joke-but-speak out-okay !

Sonst Ende- Gelände !wie die Unterklasse es so sagt !!!


Always better than you all dear possums-lets us send yopu the atomic bomb !

Cheers ! Christiane Rieckmann

You all will beggging me for my assistance when the war beginns and the Foods are rare.

Better fearing me – insteadt of some Kind of allies or so !

Because, I will be the hand that feds you all !!!!

And someone who never helped is out !

And out is a hunger thing-when there is war I can tell you and asure you this !

Christiane Rieckmann

And I am not nice and weak -as some may have found out.

I have to Play it -UNDERSTAND !

MAN I am a very underrated Genius-hard Thing to overcome…..

and very, very sad for me….but I saw the face of Barry Humphries-adn I am back !


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